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Predict CVD Before Symptoms Appear

Clinical studies have demonstrated that endothelial cell dysfunction is a key biomarker of CVD and atherosclerosis, and this marker can even predict problems in asymptomatic individuals.

The AngioDefender® technology measures endothelial function to pinpoint CVD and atherosclerosis before symptoms appear, helping healthcare providers find risk factors and intervene before later-stage cardiovascular complications arise. Learn how the AngioDefender® works.

Endothelial Dysfunction

Available in more than 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America, the AngioDefender® device is quickly becoming the new standard for measuring endothelial function and assessing CVD risk in a fast, simple and non-invasive way. 

The AngioDefender® Technology Advantage

  • Accurate and instant results
  • Non-invasive, using only a blood pressure cuff
  • Lightweight, inexpensive and portable design
  • Automated for minimal training
  • Simple test for patients in less than 8 minutes

The AngioDefender® technology is comparable to other CVD detection methods including brachial artery ultrasound imaging (BAUI), putting it on par with the gold standard for measuring endothelial dysfunction.Contact us today and see how the AngioDefender® device can start making a difference for your patients and practice.


  1. Michael E. Widlansky, MD et al. The Clinical Implications of Endothelial Dysfunction. Journal of the American College of Cardiology Vol. 42, No. 7, 2003.

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