Patient Testimonials

Living a Healthier Life with the AngioDefender®


When I took my first AngioDefender® test last December I was borderline at risk and I calculated my heart age at over 80. Now almost a year later my AngioDefender® score has improved by 25 per cent and my heart age has dropped to 74 which is my actual age. Monitoring my vascular health on a regular basis has helped me understand the importance of a whole range of things that I have done to improve my health including more exercise, a better diet and better sleep patterns. My cholesterol levels have improved and so has my blood pressure and body mass index. I intend to make AngioDefender® a part of my regular health screening for the rest of my life.

Healthcare Director — Age 74, United Kingdom


I heard about the AngioDefender® technology and asked for a test because it seemed that this device was a great way to measure my vascular health. The test was non-invasive and took about twenty minutes. I intend to make regular testing of my vascular health part of my plan to remain heart healthy and fit for the busy life I lead.

Software Engineer — Age 45, Canada

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