Angiodefender vs. other methods

A Faster, Better way to Detect Early Cardiovascualr Disease

Endothelial function is a key biomarker of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, but current diagnostic testing methods are invasive, costly and difficult to operate.

Studies show that the AngioDefender™ from Everist Health is comparable, if not more advanced, than any other test that measures endothelial function.

Current Detection Methods

Brachial artery ultrasound imaging (BAUI), finger plethysmography and digital thermal monitoring are the three most common methods for assessing endothelial function. However, each presents a unique set of challenges:

Comparison Table

BAUI measures FMD in a non-invasive way, but it comes with expensive equipment and considerable training. The BAUI method is also challenging for physicians who want to conduct several tests because it cannot be repeated. Because of this, it is confined to research applications.

Finger plethysmography is another easy access, non-invasive test with accurate results using infrared light in a patient’s finger. But, even though the machine itself is inexpensive, the disposables needed for the procedure are expensive, and its results do not correlate well with systemic CVD risk as measured by BAUI.

Finally, digital thermal imaging is automated and non-invasive, measuring vascular reactivity to hyperemia. Disposables for this test are also expensive, and results can vary with environmental temperatures.

The AngioDefender Advantage

Like these other procedures, the AngioDefender measures endothelial function — a key biomarker of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Unlike other methods, the AngioDefender comes with key advantages:

  • Accurate, repeatable results
  • Lightweight, mobile and inexpensive design
  • Automation and simplicity with minimal operator training
  • Fast and effective procedure that only takes less than 20 minutes
  • Clinical validationwith results statistically equivalent to BAUI

Because of this, Everist Health has been able to market the AngioDefender in more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe and parts of North America in a variety of healthcare environments

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