New Approach to Heart Health at Indian Cardiology Conference

The device is called AngioDefender and it is the first non-invasive, painless, low cost device that measures the fitness of an individual’s arteries. The conference where AngioDefender will be showcased to 600-700 delegates is the Indian Association of Clinical Cardiology conference that takes place October 18th, 19th, and 20th.

The AngioDefender is in use at over 30 hospitals in India. This device assists doctors in helping people understand their heart health so they can take preventive measures to lower their risk for cardiovascular disease and extend their life expectancy.

For millions of Indians, a change of lifestyle is absolutely necessary. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has overtaken all other infectious disease and is now the number one killer in India. The rate of CVD is reported to be at least 50% higher in India than other ethnic populations, and in some sections of India, CVD is a dramatic 400% higher. About 50% of cardiac infarctions occur in men under the age of 50, and 25% occur in men under the age of 40. About a third of all cardiovascular deaths occur between the ages of 35 and 64.

“A predictive tool like AngioDefender can help many Indians who are at risk get the appropriate medical treatment and advice on life style changes,” says Sunita Gohrani, the CEO of Everist Health India, the company behind the AngioDefender. The delegates at the Bangalore conference will hear a scientific paper from Dr. R.R. Kalsiwal, one of the early adopters of AngioDefender. Dr. Kalsiwal is the head of Cardiology at Medanta Hospital, and has an international reputation as a leader in new approaches to treating cardiovascular disease.

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