Everist Health™ has approval to market the AngioDefender System in over 30 countries

The AngioDefender system is a CE-marked device and meets additional requirements in India, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada. Everist Health is currently seeking FDA approval of the AngioDefender system in the United States.

The AngioDefender system is statistically equivalent to the gold standard

The AngioDefender system represents the most innovative solution to the technical, clinical, ease of use and cost challenges relating to assessment of endothelial dysfunction. These advantages position AngioDefender testing to become part of the standard screening methodology applied by physicians to their patients; as an important part of helping physicians to assess early-stage cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis particularly in asymptomatic patients.

A 2010 comparison study reveals that AngioDefender is statistically equivalent to the gold standard BAUI technique as used to measure %FMD. Each of twenty-two subjects with a range of CVD risk factors underwent testing with both procedures, separated by a one hour interval, with each test administered in random order.

Figure 1. Passing and Bablok regression plot showing statistical equivalence of 2 techniques. availibility-images

Figure 1 illustrates a Passing and Bablok regression of the data, showing a close matching of the regression line with the line-of-identity (Pearson correlation coefficient = 0.84, p<0.0001).

Study conducted at the Moscow Medical Academy

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